Walcha v Scone – Match report by Dave Healey

Firstly, a big shout out to Rosie for hacking into Les’s dairy so we can all enjoy another extract:

Dear Diary, This weeks the week! I’m going to play 80 minutes for sure. I mean; I’m an 80 minute man!! I am not sure why Baz and Hyde don’t see it. Are they even watching my game? I know everyone else is…… please god this week. P.S jeez I love the Rams.

A BIG  shout out to second grade, taking a quality side down to Scone, strengthened by a solid bench; a vast contrast to recent years.

A penalty kick saw Scone take the early points, but that was the last they’d see the in the first half, with the Rams then holding on to the possession for the lions share of the 1st half.

Walcha, although maintaining possession and demonstrating patience in their phase play, found it hard to penetrate one of the strongest defences lines they’d come up against all year.

Finally, Andrew “Cerno” Kelly ran it straight…. And straight through about 6 old mates from Scone. This spurred the team on and not long after Nick Dodger Rogers crossed in the corner to put Walcha in the lead 10-3 going into half time.

Unfortunately, these would be the only points Walcha would score, Scone levelled early in the second and held on to a draw. Final Score 10-10. Best for Walcha were Andrew Kelly with 3 points, Tommy “Guns” Wake with 2 and Players player, and 1 to Nick “Dodgers” Rogers.

A Grade went to Scone one ranga short with Dom “The WOM” Bower choosing a “wedding over his mates”, seriously? Does he think its a 1st Birthday or something!!…

This meant every player in first grade needed to lift their mongrel by 28.7% percent to make up – something that they seemed to forget for the first 12 min as Walcha appeared to start relatively flat.

It wasn’t until an injury to Walcha’s Mr Safe – T Why Arnold (spraining his ankle), made way for a cameo from Georgie Boy Berry, who tore a heartlage crossing the line and giving Walcha first blood.

The Rams slowly began to gel, especially Ed Cordingley and who benefited off a slick Newton to cross for 3 meat pies.

Walcha, largely dominated for the whole game, although, most players would consider it a game where our structure lapsed in pieces and defence could have been better.

Other try scorers where Sione Kamoto Dragon, Tom Bucknell, Richie Rich Hunt, and Charlie Keen.

With 3 points going to Ross “The Fruiter” Fletcher who like a fine wine seem to get better with age, 2 to Beavis Hoy, and 1 again to Jimmy Ashleigh, and player player to the cross Tasmain import Thor Crombe.

Thanks to all the travelling supporter its fantastic to always have you there and makes it all worth it when we look up and see you cheering.

(Les’ Diary Saturday 6.00pm: F&%K, SERIOUS! 68 minutes again! Pull Fetcher off or Ritchie, I swear Baz and Hyde aren’t watching.. P.S I still love the rams, next time…. )

Pic -to the 2nd grade bench – thank you, you are the sole of the club!